The Book


Our hunger for security and peace compels us to launch a new era in human history. We have the knowledge and technological means to reduce ignorance and suffering and to expand knowledge and justice.

It is within our powers to restore our planet, sustain humanity, and advance our civilization. We can bequeath to posterity a beautiful planetary home in which all people enjoy a peaceful and healthy life.

To do so requires entering into a completely new way of thinking about the reality in which we exist. Our window of opportunity to make the necessary and monumental shift in thinking is small compared to the large obstacles within our current belief systems that must be dissolved. Yet, we must do this if we and all the life forms that share this jewel of a planet are to survive.

“This was the clearest presentation of reality that I ever heard. It could form the basis for a new world belief system.” Ernie Kerr, South Bend, IN