A sample of readers’ comments about the original version of Seven Words That Can Change the World:

“A thousand-page book in a hundred pages.” Joel Chudnow, Tampa, FL radio personality

“Well, here it is. The Formula. The Answer. The Way. A powerful book. Really remarkable.” Neale Donald Walsch, New York Times best-selling author of the Conversations With God series.

“Simonetta is a skilled writer who makes every word in this slim volume count, a master at crafting basic truths simply and elegantly.” NAPRA Review Magazine (Networking Alternatives for Publishers, Retailers & Artists)

“I envy Simonetta’s ability to express himself over so profound a matter in such a brief and clear manner.” Allan Savory, Albuquerque, NM, Founder, Savory Center for Holistic Management

“Jonathan Swift said, “Nothing is great or small, except by comparison.” He was wrong. This little treasure is incomparable! Of course Swift was surely alluding to physical size with this statement. By whatever measure, it is a great book. Like a child enjoying a treasured experience and not wanting it to end, I find myself reluctant to finish the first reading. When I do however, I will immediately start it over, my goal being the memorization of its many challenging and inspiring life and responsibility insights.” Don Gentile, Venice, FL

“This short and brilliant book…is a wake-up call that will resonate with many readers…and encourage us to mobilize our resources to help bring about the change we know is necessary if we are to shift to a truly sustainable and participatory world system…” David Lorimer, Fife, Scotland, Former Director, now Consultant to the Scientific and Medical Network and editor of their Journal, The Network Review

“Simonetta has been able to see through all the garbage of the centuries like a laser beam and then state the obvious – TRUTH – in such simple, straightforward words.” Mrs. Phyllis Leonard, Sherborn, MA

“I sent my 93 year-old Dad a copy of your book. Dad read your book three times in three days, comparing it to Tom Paine’s Age of Reason which he has read many times. He said he agreed with everything you said which is a great compliment!! Dad is a very bright well-read man. So you are in the company of Tom Paine and your book is being passed on for others to become educated.” Robert Chapman, Venice, FL

“Seven Words That Can Change the World is a revolutionary book, a sense-making body of thought for the next reality at a time when we desperately need new insights and understandings to wrench us from the world that is so dangerously at the brink. It takes us from the furthest out, which is beyond the beyond in the cosmos, to the furthest in, which is where we can see obvious mandates for playing the game of life. It’s so heretical that I hope the author doesn’t get in trouble with the Church — all the systems of worship, in fact. He could put them all out of business — or put them in a new business, as a place where people turn to each other and not to the great beyond. This simple little book may be the most profound read since the holy books of yore.” Suzanne Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

COMMENTS about the talk, “Astonish the World, Tell the Simple Truth,” on which the book is based. CLICK TO VIEW AND HEAR THE TALK.

“This was the clearest presentation of reality that I ever heard. It could form the basis for new world belief system.” Ernie Kerr, South Bend, IN

“The best talk I ever heard regarding all aspects of our human experience, past, present, and future. A joy!! Ingenious!!” Mary E. May, Sun City, FL

“You should give that talk to the U.S. Congress…no, you should give it to the United Nations.” Eberhard Gress, Sarasota, FL

“Whatever else you’re doing in your life, stop. Immediately, go out and start teaching the children what you are saying.” Nathaniel Shaffran, Sarasota, FL history professor

“He is a born teacher.” Dr. Fred Ryersbach, Sarasota, FL

“Simonetta has an incredible ability to coalesce information and articulate it.” Robert O. Ball, Bradenton, FL, Speaker Chairperson, Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

“An awesome presentation. Personable, intellectual and profoundly understandable, Simonetta has a brilliant and organized mind…a gift for sure…that he uses to assist the evolution of humankind.” Vinita Anne Watkins, San Diego, CA

“Your lecture was incredibly uplifting – to think that there might finally be an answer to our world’s problems!!! Thank you for your inspirational portrayal of how we devolved to our current crisis situation, yet hopefully might see a light at the end of the tunnel.” Jane Foster, Sarasota, FL

“I cannot tell you how much your talk today meant to me. You said so succinctly what I have believed all my life but was never able to express. You speak so well – and convincingly. But it was what you said that was most compelling.” Marion O. Dean, Sun City, FL

“I’ve attended lectures by the most highly regarded teachers. None gave more usable and inspiring information than you. An awe-inspiring brilliant presentation! How I wish everyone could be in attendance.” Fred Burrous, Bradenton Beach, FL