A Global Belief System

We can bequeath to posterity
a beautiful planetary home
in which all people enjoy
a peaceful and healthy life.

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Humanity's cry to end
our self-inflicted suffering.

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The book

"This was the clearest presentation of reality that I ever read. It could form the basis for a new world belief system."

Our hunger for peace and security compels us to launch a new era in human history. Our limitation is not technology, it’s primitive religious beliefs. Our religions, the products of the infancy of our intelligence, formed long before the Age of Science, retard and divide us.

The religious mentality of my truth and tribe versus your truth and tribe has resulted in nothing but interminable conflict and chaos.

An obstacle to human progress, these primitive beliefs must be replaced by a nonreligious, reality-based, understanding of what is sacred in our world that we cannot, at our peril, violate, damage, dishonor, or destroy.

We must do this if we and all the life forms on this jewel of a planet are to survive. Only then will we arrest and reverse our destructive and unsustainable momentum, end our needless suffering, find peace, sustain humanity, and advance our civilization.